Innisfree Orchid Line Sample Set First Impressions

It has been a while isn't it? I won't say I missed you because there was a lot of changes happened during this period of time where I didn't upload anything on my blog. I will post slowly but surely because I had such an intense time during this half a year. 

But for today, I'd like to talk about my impressions on this orchid line from Innisfree. I got this sample set as a free gift from Innisfree store from buying more than SGD50 from the store. I was really excited when I received this as a gift since my friend has been using this line and she won't shut up about how good this line is. 

I was quite skeptical about this line since I don't know what actually orchid does to skin. From what I have found on Innisfree US website about the ingredient about Jeju orchid. Apparently, it does help to hydrate and address early signs of aging. Well, who doesn't love about taking care of their aging skin. Everyday, we are getting older and older not becoming younger so I'd love me some skincare to make my skin youthful and supple. 
So, Innisfree's sample kit got 4 products of their famous Jeju Orchid line; Orchid Skin (toner), Orchid Lotion, Orchid Enriched Essence, Orchid Enriched Cream. 

Firstly, the orchid skin aka toner, usually I am used to using more liquidy toners but this is a bit more supple and thick in texture. I recommend using hands to apply the toner instead of using cotton pads. I couldn't tell much of a difference just from using the sample bottle but heck I do like the texture and how it feels after using it. 

Orchid lotion is the product I don't know how I actually feel about even after I have finished using the whole bottle of the sample sized and even the full sized bottle. At first I fell in love with its texture and bought the full sized version even. After using almost half the bottle of the lotion, I began to find it too sticky and find that my skin couldn't handle that texture anymore so I gave it to my mother. She enjoyed using it and finished the bottle for me. 

Orchid enriched essence is also another one of those essence more like a serum rather than an essence. I really liked it as a serum rather than an essence. Not sure I will buy the full sized version just yet, just because of the price point alone. I will try to use up my serum collection first before thinking whether I should get it or not. 

Orchid enriched cream is one product that I love the most after toner. I bought the full sized version immediately after I have finished using the sample bottle. Bare in mind that unless you have really really dry skin, layering with essences, serums and hydrating toners before applying this enriched cream might be overkill for most people. So, this is a type of cream that should be used alone after using toner. 

This is my impression on the Innisfree's Jeju Orchid line. Some products I really enjoyed and some a bit meh. I definitely want to try the full sized version of Orchid skin and enriched essence sometime in the future. 
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