Adventure Cove, Sentosa, Singapore

It always seems that Adventure Cove is one of those theme park that I didn't want to go for quite a while. That's also one of the reasons why I never went during my 6 years in Singapore. But, since I decided to go back to Yangon, I decided that I should at least go once to see how it really is and why I didn't want to go for some reason.

I paid for SGD32 for going into the waterpark since I was a Singapore Resident during that time (SGD38 for non-Singapore residents) and when I went inside, there were loads of kids and families inside just swimming and running around in the water.
The waterpark itself was quite fun. Since I couldn't swim, I had to be on a float just for floating around. Although the water itself is quite shallow, I still don't want to walk in the water so being on a float seems much easier for me. 

There are also other rides inside the waterpark for some additional entrance fees. The best part of the Adventure Cove was to pass through a pool of so many stingrays. Absolutely loved it! I stayed in the same spot for hours playing with them. It was incredible.  

Lunch wise, there is also a few food options (mostly fast food options) so we decided to head back outside of Adventure Cove after showering and getting ready. My skin was so dry from exposing myself in the chlorine water for way too long... But I had absolute fun there. Not sure I will want to go back there or not but for those who have not tried adventure cove, I recommend you to try at least once. 

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