2019 was a year where I learnt a lot of things whether it is good and bad, incredible and terrible.
2019 was a year where I get to spend time with family, where I get to become a fiancé of my amazing boyfriend, where I get to be a part of this amazing team at work, where I get to learn whatever I want without much hinderance and I get to travel to places that I have never been in my life!
There were tough times but most of the time, I get to enjoy what I have, spend what I have, learn what I could and experience what I got.
This year was such a learning curve for me. I met with loads of new people, get to be friends with some of them, get to be a part of their lives, make them smile, smile and enjoy together. I also experienced loads of new adventures good and bad! Sometimes I met mine and others’ expectations, sometimes not. Although, during that time, was feeling upset or down but I am always made to remind that I am content with what I have and with people whom I spend with.
Maybe the best thing about this year is how I was exposed to loads of different things. Even though, now is a tough time for me, but I still want to be me and enjoy what I can and want to sprinkle some happiness to whomever I can.
Well, usually, I tend to write these kinds of lengthy post on my blog but I find that no matter where I write; whether it be on a book at home, my blog or here, where it will remind me of this post in the future to look back is more worth it.
I still couldn’t realise that 2019 is almost over and I’m still an awe that I had experienced so much in this one year of being a working adult. Still, I’m pretty much a child in my mind and I am in no way as mature as I should but I learned that sometimes having fun is a necessity to enjoy this fast-paced stressful world.
I would like to end on a note that “don’t be consumed by negativity that’s around you. Relax and be true to yourself.”
Here’s to all the things I have experienced and enjoyed in this past year! Thank you for 2019 to be such an awesome year to remember for. And looking forward for what 2020 will bring me!

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