Morning Skin Care Routine for September 2018

Some of my colleagues and friends have told me that my skin has become a lot more clearer and more brighter than last time so, I would like to talk about my glow journey in some posts. Although it is currently already May, 2019, I would like to talk about my skincare journey all the way from September 2018 up till now. It was when my skin started changing drastically. Ever since I have implemented the SK-II in my routine, I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. So, I would like to discuss some of it in my posts.

As I have moved back to my home country - Myanmar, I am not as accessible for the products as I was used to in Singapore anymore so, I am trying to simplify my skincare usage. As I was planning to move back to my country, I was already opening less products.

In this routine, the products that I use is less than what I normally use while I was in Singapore but sometimes, having less products can actually acts as a minimalist way of approaching the skincare that we all love. Don't get me wrong, I like trying out skincare as much as you do if you are reading this blogpost in 2019 where not a lot of people are still writing the blogposts these days.

So, let's talk more about the products after me blabbering much about why I'm using this routine.

Although I didn't have in this photo, I was using Senka Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam. It was one of my favourite cleanser at that time and I still use it from time to time even now. It does foam up quite well and cleanse my skin quite nicely without stripping my skin too much.

After that I used the Etude House Wonder Pore, it was really inexpensive for a huge bottle of toner but when I started becoming conscious about the ingredients in the skin care product, this toner has alcohol in a pretty high ingredient list so after using that bottle, I totally stopped using it.

After the toner, I always use SK-II's facial treatment essence. It was my holy grail product but since the price is really high, I use it bit by bit so that it won't finish up. The pitera is really good for my skin and I can see very huge difference whenever I use the SK-II.

The new step that I started cooperating is the Hada Labo's Gokujyun lotion. It is a hyaluronic acid lotion that provides hydration to the skin. It is a very nice cooling and hydrating lotion after the SK-II's pitera essence. It does not break me out and it tends to moisturise a bit more than what I needed in the dry weather.

After that, only in a while, I use the Sana eye cream. It is really thick and moisturising eye cream that sometimes I use as my normal moisturiser for the whole face when I travel. It is a thick but absorbs into the skin super quick and leave the skin soft and supple the next morning. As a eye cream, I don't really see it reducing the very few fine lines that I have.

The last few steps of the skin care is the moisturiser. I am currently trying out the Estee Lauder moisturiser since I got it as a sample when I bought Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair for my mom. I can't say it's amazing but it does moisturise the skin nicely. Although comparing to the other moisturisers that I have tried, given the price that they are selling, it's not worth it in my books. So, after I used it up, I haven't purchase the full sized tub at all.

The last step of the morning routine is my sunscreen. I have started applying sunscreen diligently every morning for a few months and I can see a huge difference in my skin being clear and brighter skin overall. For this Innisfree sunscreen, it is a mineral sunscreen so it leaves a white cast which I don't like but can't be helped since mineral sunscreen tends to be white in color. Other than that,  it is a little bit hard to work underneath the makeup so I prefer chemical sunscreens over mineral sunscreens.

So, this is my morning skin care routine. It is not very through about ingredients and such since I only wanted to share the routine of mine. :)

I hope you found helpful in this blogpost. :)

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