Late night musings on long distance relationship

If you asked me whether I miss Singapore, the answer will always be YES! just because the love of my life is there while I am being back in Yangon where I am still away from my family considerably. Although the advantages of being back in Yangon is that I finally get to spend extra good amount of time with my friends whom I have been lost in touch with for a couple of years when I was in Singapore. Another good things is that I get to travel a lot more with my group of friends, mostly short day trips or one night two day trips with them to nearby towns.

It has been 5 months since I left Singapore, and I miss the place everyday. It has become my second home, my sanctuary for consuming my love for Japanese food, skincare and architecture photography. With being said, I still enjoy being in Yangon. I get to meet my friends so much so that my weekends are always hectic, I have a day job working my ass off and save money so that I get to meet my boyfriend. 

Of course, some of them sucked for me. My boyfriend of 5 and half years and I are in long distance relationship and I enjoy every single moment that I can to spend time with him. I wish we both are free enough to spend more time but unfortunately, both of us have our own jobs and social life that we can only chat a small amount of time per day. Even while chatting, either one of us will be dozing off and my favourite time became staring at the tired boyfriend while he is dozing off. 

Nonetheless, I enjoy living in Yangon, not because of my hometown, but because days are going by so fast that I want to enjoy my days being here for a bit without dwelling back to Singapore too much.  Sometimes, I just wish to play games at home without socialising too much and working too much. 
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