Review: Etude House 0.2mm Therapy Air Mask in Damask Rose ★★★★☆

Today, I felt like I needed a bit of hydration and I was dying to try the moist water type essence from the Etude House 0.2 therapy air mask line. So, I chose to apply the demask rose one from the line to see how the essence feels like.
As usual, Etude House's 0.2mm sheet mask line got 3 different essence types. The moist water type essence, the ampoule type essence and the emulsion type essence. From what I have experienced, the emulsion type essence is the thickest and the most moisturising while the moist water type essence is the thinnest and the most hydrating. 
The damask rose mask is claimed to be give moisture and brighten the face. It claims to have the different types of hyaluronic acid that will give moisture to the skin. It also claims to make the skin smooth and hydrating from the mask. Here's the ingredient list from COSDNA.  
Unlike the emulsion type essence's mask material, the moisture water type essence's mask material is different. It's way thinner and softer and it's soaked in the essence. Since the mask is a lot thinner, it is more prone to tearing and it's very difficult to unfold if you can't find the start of the mask like me. Also, it's soaked in the watery essence so it's dripping everywhere. 
The essence, as I mentioned, is very watery. There is a tiny bit of rose scent but you cannot smell it when you put the mask on the face. There is a lot of essence left over in the packaging even after the mask is on the face so I used half of the leftover essence to my neck and my arms. They are really easy to soak into the skin so I really enjoyed it. 
I left it for 20 minutes and I was surprised to see that the majority of the mask was still soaked in essence at the 20 minutes mark. So, I put the remaining essence from the packet and I left it on for another 10 minutes or so. After I used it my skin had brightened and my skin felt very moisturised with a glow on high points of my face. 

Although it didn't shrink my pores or improve my texture at all but I really enjoyed my face being brightened and hydrated. It has performed what it claims to do and I was really impressed. I will give this 4 stars out of 5 since it did what it claims to do, I love the way the essence soaked into the skin and I love the way it gives me a glow to my skin. Definitely will be trying again. 
Price - SGD2
I got the entire line of mask during the sale for 50% off and I got all 19 types of masks. Excited to try them all and review them all!

You can get fromEtude House Singapore 

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