Some days, they are just the same

Photo taken in November 2016
After trying out the SKII FTE for my third time in life and I'm hooked. Maybe it's just I'm over doing with the fermented products, but I love seeing my skin turn inside out every day and it's started glowing nicely. Since SKII is ridiculously hefty for my wallet, I decided to get some stuff that is considered "dupes" for SKII. Things like Missha, Secret Key and such to see which are the ones that is the most similar to SKII with the amount that doesn't make a dent to my wallet.
Photo taken on 23/4/2018
I will do a comparison blogpost after I have tried all the ones that I got and I'm still waiting for some to arrive at my doorstep. But right now, I am mainly using SKII FTE and I'm in love. My skin texture had improved a lot and the skin had become more radiant. Even my boyfriend noticed that my skin is glowing.

So, this is my skin update. I will do a morning routine soon on this blog so stay tuned.

In my life, some stuff is happening. I'm almost finishing up my Intermediate Japanese language and I still haven't looked for job properly yet. I need to start looking for more jobs before July comes. I got 2 months so go me!! I also got JLPT soon in July, excited yet nervous at the same time. I want to get full marks on the JLPT!!! So, for that, I need to study more!

In my love life, things are going steady. My boyfriend and I haven't met for quite a while and I miss him. I miss bear hugging him but I think he's taking leave on Friday so I'm also excited for that. We're going to watch Avengers on Friday!

My friend from Japan is visiting Singapore and I'm so excited to meet her. I'm thinking of where to bring her and what to eat with her so I need to think more on that! I also meeting another one of my friend for catching up. It's been a while I meet her and I'm also looking forward to that.

I'm back to digital bullet journaling. Although I don't bullet journal as often now, I still enjoying putting my thoughts on some stuff and making sure that everything is on check. I'm also writing my blog posts on a daily mode except weekends since I want to enjoy my time studying or catching up with the bf.

Studies wise, I hate particles in Japanese grammar. They are so confusing and I'm doing my best to understand them totally. Will do a lot more revisions on the particles before my exam comes. Other stuff in the language, I'm fine with it although I can't remember properly for the lessons that I learned a while ago. If you ask me, I can still answer but I want to know without even asking.

Yup! so this is what has been going on with my life. Most of the time, it's the same but sometimes they sprinkle a little bit of sparkles on my everyday life that makes me enjoy my life. Though there are still a lot of things that I want to improve to make me happy but I'm thinking of doing step by step. I am trying to be the positive person instead of filled with negativity, jealousy or agony. Still trying to save money which has been failing miserably though. That's also another area that I want to improve. Not spending a lot of money and save up for the future or for my upcoming travels.

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