Review: Hamj Hydrating Mask ★★★★★

I got this mask when I was in Myanmar a while back. I found it at a shop called Mgou in Yangon and I was intrigued by the amount of sheet masks that the shop carried. All of them that I saw were knockoffs from famous Korean skin care brands and they are priced at a ridiculous cheap prices. This mask that I got from that shop is priced at 500MMK which is around less than SGD0.50 per mask. There are other masks that costs more than 500MMK but the ones that I got were all at 500MMK. According to the mask, it is for moisturising and hydration for the skin and the back of the mask says apply for 10-15 minutes.

When I first opened the mask, I was really surprised that it has a protective layer for the mask which is made of plastic. Then the mask is soaked in the tremendous amount of essence that is not watery. It is more of a thicker consistency that soaks the mask. There is 25ml of essence in the mask which is a lot and even when I applied the mask on the face, there are a lot of essence leftover in the mask. There is very faint fresh scent that is from the mask but when I put it on, I can't smell anything.

The biggest surprise is the mask material. I cannot describe properly of the mask material. It is very thin and it is soaked in the essence. It is definitely not cotton or tencel or hydrogel. It is very interesting.

I thought since it is so thin, there would be some trouble putting on the mask. As long as you could find the first place to unfold the mask, it is surprisingly easy to unfold and apply on the mask. The protective plastic layer makes the mask very easy to unfold properly.

I love the fact that the mask is quite thick. Bare in mind that I have quite big face and it covers all of the face plus some leftover. It is easy to stretch and apply when necessary. The eye holes are quite big which is always nice and the mouth hole is small. It basically covers all the skin around the mouth which I really love.

I was planning to leave it on for 20 minutes although they recommend me to leave it on for 10-15 minutes. But even after 20 minutes mark, the mask doesn't show signs of drying up. So I continued to leave it on for another 10 minutes. Even after I left it on for 30 minutes, almost all of the areas are still very soaked in the essence. Only around the forehead is starting to dry up a bit so I removed the mask at 35 minutes mark. 

I was really impressed! I have never seen a mask like this before. I'm writing this blogpost right after I used the mask and the essence dries up pretty fast and leave a matt finish. My skin feels so soft and hydrated after using. I will see how my skin reacts tomorrow morning but as of right now, I am loving this mask. 

It is so affordable and I love the mask material while moisturising my skin properly so I will give this mask a 5 stars out of 5. It is so rare that I give a product 5 stars but I am impressed with this one. I still have another type of mask from the same range so I will try again soon and write a review for that one as well. 

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