Review: Hamj Brightening Mask ★★★★★

Today, I want to try the continuation of the mask that I was so impressed by from the yesterday's post. Although it's been a few days since I tried that mask and I wanted to try again today so here's my review.

I was so impressed by the moisturising one so much that I wanted to go back to Myanmar and buy more stuff from there. Again, I got this mask when I was in Myanmar a while back. I found it at a shop called Mgou in Yangon and I was intrigued by the amount of sheet masks that the shop carried. All of them that I saw were knockoffs from famous Korean skin care brands and they are priced at a ridiculous cheap prices. This mask that I got from that shop is priced at 500MMK which is around less than SGD0.50 per mask. There are other masks that costs more than 500MMK but the ones that I got were all at 500MMK. According to the mask, it is for moisturising and hydration for the skin and the back of the mask says apply for 10-15 minutes.

As I mentioned in the yesterday's post, I was surprised on how thin the mask is. It was protected by a plastic layer and it is very easy to remove and apply on the face. Even if the mask material is really thin, it is very easy to spread and put on face as well as it does not tear while applying.

The mask is soaked in so much essence, 25ml of essence to be exact. The mask is soaked a lot so just make sure to apply the mask in the sink since it is kinda drippy. There is a very tiny bit of scent in the packet but when you apply it on the mask, it doesn't linger throughout.

I put the mask in the fridge for a few days. I started doing that for the masks that I want to try since it will be very cooling for my skin for a much refreshing feel. The fit is nice and fit and it is very big for my face which I like with the small hole for the mouth which I really love.

Since I knew I can leave the mask for quite a long time, I left this mask for 35 minutes and removed the mask. I could still feel the moisture in the mask and it didn't dry out like other masks. I, again, was so impressed.

So, overall, I will give this mask a 5 stars out of 5. I love this mask. It does left the skin so moisturised as well as very soft and tender when touching, I saw a little bit of brightening effect but it didn't last long. It was so moisturising and my skin felt very smooth. Although I already applied my usual skincare and I applied the mask after the skincare had completely soaked into the skin and applied this mask. So far, after using, I haven't broken out or get clogged pores so I will definitely repurchase when I get back to Myanmar. So excited to try other stuff from this brand.
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