Birthday Gift from landlord

I am finally 23 now. Although my birthday was on 1st of March, I finally have the time to share with you what I got from my landlord as a birthday gift. She knew I was running low on my moisturiser, and she told me to buy it and gave me red packet to get whatever I like.

Since she is around 59 years old and single, she doesn't know much about skincare or makeup. So, she knew I love to try different skin care stuff and I would know better on what I want to try and what I would like. So, she gave me a red packet (money) to get whatever I want with the money.

So, this is the haul. I got this 2 products.

- COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence (SGD 28.90)
- Hada Labo Hydrating UV Perfect Gel Moisturiser with SPF 50+ PA++++  (SGD 35)

Since I got them during sale period, I got both of them from Watsons and they cost around SGD53 combined.

I have always wanted to get a moisturiser with SPF and I have always wanted to try Hada Labo brand so when I saw this, I knew I had to get it without looking at the reviews. For COSRX, it is a popular product. I have seen it everywhere and everybody seem to like it a lot so I decided to give this a try. I will write review blogpost after I have tried them throughly.

For now, this is the haul on what I got on my birthday.

Disclaimer - it is not a brag nor a showoff blogpost. I wanted to write this blogpost as a documentation on what I got and what I used. This is in no way a brag to showoff what I have or use.

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