What masks I bring to my one week trip to Japan?

If you have been following me on my Instagram or my blog, you will know that I have really been enjoying facial masks at the end of the day to give my skin a bit of boost to make it radiant and glowy. It doesn't stop me while travelling to other countries. I travelled to Japan and to Myanmar in January so I brought these masks to travel. I want to share with you what kind of masks I brought with me to my travels.

Although I only bring a handful of masks to my travel, I am not really strict with myself to put on masks every single day during my travels. When I went back to Myanmar, I did not even put everyday. I sometimes apply my sheet masks when I saw my skin needs some hydration or something that is nice for my skin.

I love sheet masks. They are inexpensive and you can always get them during sales and apply them whenever you want. You just need to wash your face before hand to put on them. I love sheet masks that are brightening, firming and hydrating to my skin so I tend to buy stuff that are suitable for my skin.

The masks that I brought with me to my travels are -
- Innisfree it's a real squeeze mask in Strawberry
- Innisfree it's a real squeeze mask in Cucumber (Review here!)
- Innisfree it's a real squeeze mask in Aloe
- Etude House 0.2mm Face mask in Snail
- Watsons Fruity Facial Mask in Camu Camu Fruit Extract
- Watsons Fruity Facial Mask in Mixed Berry Extract
- Watsons Fruity Facial Mask in Witch Hazel & Lemon Water

I love applying sheet masks before I go to bed so I highly recommend you guys to try it every 3 days or so if you don't want to put on sheet masks everyday. I recommend you to hunt for sales and buy them in bulk if you can to save cash!

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