Watsons Fruity Masks Haul

I was really surprised when I saw the sale at Watsons at Far Eat Plaza in Orchard Road for these masks. I was introduced the cucumber mask during my bachelors by my friend's mother and I was hooked since then. But they were always around S$10 per box so I don't tend to buy them as they are quite expensive.

But when I saw these masks on sale for S$3 per box, I was shocked. My boyfriend whom doesn't care much about my love for skincare and makeup, he was looking at his phone as always and I dragged him to the masks and asked the same question I always ask him whenever I want to get something (hahaha). "Ne, should I get this? It's on sale!!!" He, as always answer, "if you think it's worth it, get it"

Then here I am, grabbing as much as I could. I was hooked on the cucumber one and even wrote a review about it; link here! When I saw other types and it was S$3 per box of 5 sheet masks, I wanted to try other stuff hoping that it would be amazing like the cucumber one. So, here is my haul.

I got 5 boxes that cost me S$15 altogether. I tried the mixed berry as of writing this post, and I wrote a review about it also so I will link it here when it is published!

So, here are the things that I got!
- Watsons Energising & Moisturising Facial Mask with Lycopene Extract
- Watsons Refreshing & Moisturising Facial Mask with Cucumber Extract (Review here!)
- Watsons Whitening & Moisturising Facial Mask with Camu Camy Fruit Extract
- Watsons Oil Control & Moisturising Facial Mask with Witch Hazel & Lemon Water
- Watsons Anti-oxident & Moisturising Facial Mask with Mixed Berry Extract

So, these are my haul for today! I will try them and link the reviews afterwards! Let me know what kind of masks I should try next!

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