The AM Routine: February 2018

I wanted to share something new that I have never really done on my Instagram before. I also wanted to share it with you guys here on this blog. Today, I want to share my AM skincare routine for February. Though I don't use the exact products every day, this is pretty much what I used during the month of February.

So, let's see what is on my face.....

I usually use the COSRX low PH good morning gel cleanser to wash my face. When I first tried it out, I didn't really like it but now I'm growing to like it more and more. I will do a review soon on this blog.

Then, this is the newest addition to my collection. I really like the Innisfree Persimmon Pore Toner but it ran out so I decided to give The Body Shop a go! This is my very first Body Shop skincare product and so far so good. I love how refreshing I feel when I use this toner and it always find some sort of gunk from my pores so good job toner! I use the Body Shop Seaweed Oil-Balancing Toner since I got a combination skin and I tend to have quite a bit oily T-Zone.

Then, I use the Ettusais Puru Puru Mist whenever I feel like I need more hydration. Sometimes, I went out and do something after the toner so my skin feels quite dry so this mist always come for help. Although I finished using this product, I will be replacing it with another hydrating mist.

Afterwards, I like to use the Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Boosting Ampoule. I decided to try this one out as my seawater cream was not working so well for me last time and I do really enjoy using it. Although I also finished using this product, I will be finding another good one to replace this product.

Usually, after this step, I tend to put on a sheet mask but that is only when I got a lot of time or when my skin is a desert. I like putting on different sheet masks whenever I have the time in the morning since I love how they hydrate my skin.

Last but not least, I apply this moisturiser. I use the Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Cream. When I first started using it, I use in conjunction with the COSRX cleanser and I didn't like both of them as I don't feel good in my skin. But after adding more layers and using sheet masks to balance my hydration, I came to like this cream. It gave me quite a nice layer of moisture without being too greasy on my skin. If you have dry skin type, I don't recommend you this cream.

So, I hope you enjoyed my AM routine. I want to post more of the skincare stuff that I use daily so make sure to follow me on Instagram at @thefacemaskjunkie for more of the face masks that I use before I review them here and @sheisreyar for more life updates.

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