Review: Watsons Tencel Doube HA Mask ★★★★☆

When I saw a sale of the Watsons Tencel Masks on Watsons, I was so excited. They were always so expensive when you buy them one by one but in a box during the sale, it's so worth it. I believe they were going to revamped the masks so Watsons was clearing their stock. I saw on the Watsons App that the masks will be on sale from SGD14.90 to SGD5, I freaked out! I already got the brown rice version and the red wine version when they were on sale for buy 1 get 1 during a few months back but they would be on sale for SGD5 EACH?! I'M TOO HAPPY!!!!!

When I'm writing this blog post on 7th March, the sale is still going on so, please do check it out and get them during the sale!! I will link them here. It is not an affiliate link so it doesn't affect my review afterwards! I believe they have 5 types in Singapore but if you are elsewhere, there will be different types available as well. But for now, I'm going to link you guys the ones that is available in Singapore. There are Watsons Natto Soothing Facial Mask , Watsons Black Pearl Smoothing Facial Mask, Watsons Brown Rice Brightening Facial Mask, Watsons Red Wine Antioxidant Facial Mask and Watsons Double HA Intense Moisturising Facial Mask.

I decided to get another set of these 5 different masks and I got 2 of the Double HA ones since they were really popular online and I heard a lot of good things about it. So, today, I want to share my thoughts on this mask after I have used it.

My face 30 minutes after removing the mask

I found it quite interesting. I really like the mask material. They were tencel and according to the packet, tencel masks contain more moisture and won't dry out as fast as cotton masks. The tencel has high dense fine fibres that will retain more essence and will penetrate deeper into the skin. I really find a difference in the materials and I enjoy using them. Essence wise, they have 21ml of essence so it is not as much as the Watsons fruity facial masks (Mixed berry review here) but I find it enough for the face. Because of the mask material, I find the essence absorbs into the skin very well and I really enjoyed using it.

The fit of the mask is quite nice also. Although I wish they made the nose part a little bit bigger but other than that, there are no complaints. There is no tearing of the material also. The mask is soft and gentle on the skin with dripping wet with essence so I recommend you to be careful during application.

I put the mask on 20 minutes and even after 20 minutes had passed, there was no signs of drying of the mask. I was really impressed. After I removed the mask, I saw a decent change in my skin. I saw my skin was plump and soft and felt very moisturised while the complexion evened out for a bit. I also saw a nice radiance after removing the mask so I really enjoyed using it.

So, I will give this mask a 4 stars out of 5. They were really nice and inexpensive but if I were to buy it full price, I will be a bit reluctant. But since I got them on sale, so I can really abuse these masks everyday if I want. I will be trying out more masks so stay tuned!
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