Review: Skinlite Tea Tree Deep Cleansing Peel off Mask ★★☆☆☆

Today’s mask is the one that I got from Sasa beauty store for S$2. The name was @skinlite_official It has 2 different sachets so you can use it twice for S$2. I thought it was a steal~ They also almost always go on a sale so you can even get it a lot cheaper! It was a peel off mask so here’s my review. 

First of all, it is messy to apply. Although it doesn’t look like I have a face mask on, it was really difficult to apply the mask on my face. I put it for 15-20 mins and my skin felt tight after using it. I’m not sure how though deep cleansing ones work on the skin that is visible to the eyes but my pores got a tad bit smaller after using this mask. 

The peel off part is very difficult to do as well. It was tough to peel off and it was again tough to rinse off the remaining. I didn't feel anything changed on my skin and I don't see anything that is visible to make it go and rave about this product. This mask was good for tightening the pores though it won't remove my blackheads from my nose. I give this mask 2 stars out of 5.  

I like the scent of it and how it made my pores tight from the mask but the application made me turn off my rave for this mask so I’ll use the remaining mask but I won’t repurchase this again. I have other peel off masks that does amazing and easy for application. Though I want to try other types that they offer.

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