Review: Shiseido Revital Lifting Mask Science EX ★★☆☆☆

I was gifted this mask around 2 years ago and I hoarded till recently. I finally decided to use it after looking at the expiry date and since it was near and I needed some anti-aging stuff to my skin. Hoping it would work wonders to my skin as it was more towards lifting mask and has amazing anti-aging properties.

After a long day of stressful stuff, masking is always a pleasure and relaxing time for me to do what I love, writing one or two blogposts while I have the time and relax and unwind from my stressful day. As I mentioned, I had high hopes for it. I had a nice routine going on after shower. And right almost at using this mask came the frustration. 

The mask was divided into two compartments for the top half of my face and the bottom half of my face. The thing that frustrates me was how difficult for me to get out from the packet and unfold and apply on the face. The top half was a bit better than the bottom half. When I reached the bottom half, it was a nightmare. It was too big for my face and I don't know how to put them properly. The mask material was thick and was soaked in the essence quite well, which I really liked, but unfolding the mask was a nightmare for me.

There was no noticeable scent from the mask and there were no leftover residue in the packets. After trying really hard to put the mask on my face, this is what I looked like. A bit ridiculous but well, it was on my face. I left it for 20 minutes as usual and around 10 minutes mark, some areas of the mask already started drying out. But wanting to know how the results will look like so I left it for the full 20 minutes.

Then, after I removed the mask, I felt nothing particular of all sorts. I didn't see any lifting of my face, I did felt a bit of moisturising but as the mask was drying out, I believed it sucked my moisture back from my skin so I felt a bit of dehydrated skin right after putting on the mask. As I was gifted, I do not know the price of this mask nor whether it is still available in the market.

Overall, I do not like this mask. I will give a 2 stars out of 5 stars. I believe that this mask will be expensive and yet it didn't do anything for my skin. Even my Innisfree or other cheaper masks would do better for my skin.

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