Review: Ishizawa Laboratories Toumei Shirohada White Mask ★★★★☆

Okay, I have been wanting to get this mask after watching the YouTube video from Sekine Risa introducing the mask, wash-off mask and the cleanser so I was intrigued to try this. I saw this mask in Tokyu Hands in Singapore and they were having a sale at the time so, I decided to get it to try it.

I bought it for S$10 and the mask has 10 sheet masks inside. Basically, it was S$1 for one mask which is not that bad for one mask. I didn't know how to read Japanese at the time so I also didn't know the name properly up until now.

I first tried the mask a long time ago and I remember I didn't like at first because of the clinical like scent to it. It kinda remind me of my mother's operation theatre so I am used to the scent but I didn't want it to smell like it on my face haha!

The mask material is like a medium thickness paper which is soaked in essence. Because it is paper, it is very easy to put on my face but it is very easy to tear. I always tear the mask whenever I apply the mask. It fits very nicely on my face and I left it for 20 minutes.

After leaving it for 20 minutes, I felt that my skin feels a bit moisturised, visibly lighter skin tone and I have a very smooth and glowy skin. The skin tone was temporary lighter as if I applied sunscreen on my face but very quickly, it went back to my normal skin tone. 

Rating: I give this mask 4 stars out of 5. I love this mask but I have a tonne of other face masks that I bought to try so I will buy again if I don't have anything else to try.
Today’s mask will be this Japanese white mask that whitens the skin. I got it from Tokyu Hands Singapore for $10 and it has 7 sheets inside. • The quality wise, it was fine. The sheet itself is easy to tear so I have to be careful of the sheet. It does whitens the skin for a temporary moment and moisturising wise, it does okay job for my skin. When putting for the whole 15 minutes, the sheet mask dries up pretty quickly. It’s not messy to apply and take off. Overall, it was a meh product for me and I won’t repurchase it again. I’ll try to finish using up this mask and move on to another type of mask soon. • • #mask #masking #maskfie #sheetmask #sheetmasking #poreclay #moisturising #skin #skincare #relaxtime #brightening #firming #maskforoilyskin #maskfordryskin #maskforcombinationskin #kbeauty #jbeauty #japaneseskincare #koreanskincare #beauty #beautyblogger #thefacemaskjunkie #pack #パック #マツク
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