Review: Innisfree - My Innisfree Rewards Green Tea Set ★★★★☆

During my travels to my home country, Myanmar, I didn't really follow my normal skincare routine and my skin felt so tight and clogged up. So, the previous day, I decided to give the Sukin Clay Masque a try and I felt a bit better. I went to bed and the next day, my skin was really tight so I decided to give this mask a go! I got this as the Innisfree Rewards when applying the application for their membership and they gave me this packet along with a few of other samples. I have been hoarding this to use it up and I thought now was the good time to use up this product when I really needed it.

The mask come in this envelope

It has some samples of the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum, Green Tea Seed Eye Cream and the Green Tea Seed Cream along with the green tea sheet mask. Since I really needed all of them, I used up everything in one shot! 

After washing my face clean, I started with the seed serum all over my face to prime the skin. Though it was barely enough for my skin, but I wished they put a bit more of the serum to make sure I get enough hydration for my face. 

Then, I put the eye cream underneath my eyes. Surprisingly, they put quite a lot of eye cream in the packet and there was still left over even I put excessive layer of eye cream underneath my eyes. Since there was left over, I used it up to my face. 

Then, I used the sheet mask. I was really surprised by how soaked the sheet mask is inside. The sheet mask material is very thin cottony type material and it was soaked wet with essence. There was 20ml of essence in the mask so almost as much as one bottle of the essence inside. There were left over inside the packet, even after I started applying the sheet mask. The fit was nice and they cut quite a comfortable holes for my eyes and my mouth. Though I wish they could put a bit bigger cut for my nose since the mask is too small for my nose. Though it was my own fault for having a very big nose haha. 

I really felt my skin hydrating. Maybe because my skin was really dehydrated throughout the time but I love the way it made my skin with the hydration and the cooling sensation.  I left it on for 25 minutes and I saw that the mask is not drying out at all. I could have put on much longer but I got some stuff to do so I removed the mask. 
Right after I removed the mask
So, the photo above is the picture of me right after I removed the mask. I squeeze the essence out of the mask and applied it a bit more to my face and the remaining to my neck and arms. There were a lot of essence left inside the mask even after 25 minutes on my face. I was really impressed! 

Then, I was planning to apply the cream but since it was already very dewy, I decided to try at another time. 
A few hours after I applied the mask!
So, this is my skin after a few hours since the mask. As you can see, my skin felt very dewy and the hydration lasted a long time. 

Then at night, I decided to use the seed cream. It was a thick consistency for texture and I also felt a bit of hydration to my skin. Though my skin was pretty hydrated with the mask earlier, I loved the scent of the cream. Wished they give a little more for me to apply on the neck as well. But all in all, it was a nice cream. Nothing spectacular though. 

So, overall, I will give this set a 4 stars out of 5.

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