Review: The Face Shop Real Nature Aloe Mask ★★★☆☆

If you have read my previous blog post about the Face Shop Real Nature mask in lemon, you'll know that I had high hopes for it. I also have high hopes for this aloe mask that I am holding in my hands. I heard lots of great things about the face shop sheet masks from many different people so I had high hopes for it. 

I did the usual routine, cleanse my skin and tone and applied serum then I use the mask. Right after I applied the mask, I felt the tingling sensation and my skin felt cooling sensation as well. I also felt a bit of minty sensation thinking whether this mask got any mint. 

The sheet was a bit thinner than the lemon one and this has a lot of essence soaked into the mask. The fit was as you can see, a bit okay but I don't mind seeing a bit of smaller cuts around the mouth area. It was easy to tear while applying the mask so you cannot use brute force like I do (haha)

The essence was a lot more than the lemon mask and there were some leftovers inside the mask. As usual, I applied them on my neck and my arms for extra hydration. There is very feint scent. I left the mask for 20 minutes and removed it. As I was removing, I still feel the menthol effect and my skin was really refreshed. I didn't see any improvement for skin tone evening but I could feel the hydration in my skin. The sheet mask somewhat dry in some areas but some not so much after 20 minutes. 

Overall thoughts, it was okay. I felt some refreshing and hydrating features but there were no skin tone evening nor brightening effects. I like it more the lemon one so I will give this mask a 3 stars out of 5. I am still trying to look for better masks from the Face Shop line so if you have tried it before, let me know which mask from the brand in the future. 

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