Review: Ettusais Puru Puru Mist ★★★★☆

I got this 2 years ago in Sephora where they carried this brand in Singapore. Now, I cannot find this brand here in Sephora Singapore anymore so I was really sad about it. To be honest, I still do not know how face mists do to my skin but I love the way they are easily accessible and can be used whenever we want. I also love the packaging of this bottle so it was a bonus.

When I got it, it was mainly because of Sekine Risa-san on YouTube. I saw she was using this product just after the bath and before putting on the skincare. It acts as a pre-skincare skincare for her. It was mainly for the skin to not dry out before putting on the skincare while drying the body. It was fragrance free and colorant free.

I spent around SGD25 for an 80ml mist bottle and on and off I used it for 2 years hahaha. I forgot to use this mist for quite some time and every time I used it, it was nicely moisturising my skin with a few mists. The mist itself is very fine and easy to spread around. I usually spritz around 3 to 5 pumps and I message into my skin. Then I dry my body and apply my usual skincare.

I was really sad that Sephora Singapore don't carry Ettusais anymore. Another sad thing is that Ettusais discontinued this product. I was really intrigued by the product on how hydrating this product for the skin is and how interesting just to mist and go when you feel dehydrated.

I give this product a 4 stars out of 5. I was impressed by the easiness of the product. Sad that I cannot buy this again anymore.

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  1. Hi they still sell it in tokyu hands in japan. I just recently bought altho I cant rmb how much


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