Singapore Photo Diary: Marina Bay Sands

Oh beautiful Singapore, how I love to spend my time here. I'm in this beautiful country for almost 5 years and oh boy, I don't regret moving here. I had my reasons for leaving my home country, Myanmar, and came to this tiny island. Just 3 hours away from my country by plane and I get to experience the whole new experience that I never did back home. 

And, I never looked back. I love my country but I didn't travel outside country before so I didn't know the touch of "foreign" land. When I first touched down, I was excited and I sweared to myself that I will be here as long as I can be. Well, part of it is still true but after living here for half a decade, I want to explore around! I want to gain new experiences. So, before that actually happens, I'm looking at this beautiful country with a whole new eyes and perspective with my trusty old camera to capture the memories and landscapes that I adore! So, here is my photo diary of a place that I love!

View from Marina Bay at night!
I hope you liked it. If you want to keep updated with my photography and my life, please check out my Instagram page at @sheisreyar for my photos. 

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