Review: Watsons Facial Mask with Cucumber Extract ★★★★☆

I have been using this mask for way too long and I even put this mask in some of my favourites and even in my 3 sheets masks you should try blogpost so you'll know how much I love this mask. I was introduced to this range of masks from my friend's mother whom had bought this mask at that time and gave it to me. When I first tried it, I thought that it doesn't work that well. But the more I tried it, the more I fell in love with it. I recently bought another packet of the mask and I was in love. I believe that they have changed the packaging and updated the mask. I have not yet tried the new ones yet. I got this during the sale for S$3 per packet of 5 masks.

If you just applied it for the first time, you'll think that this mere mask doesn't work but in fact, it is really excellent in hydrating the skin. It also makes your skin refreshing which are the things that the mask claims to do.

The mask material is good since it's not too thick nor too thin material and it maintains the moisture pretty well on my skin. The fit was okay although I want my chin to be covered a bit more. But it was quite reasonable mask fit for my big face.

The mask was soaked in the essence. The mask contains 30ml of the essence so it is considered quite a lot for one mask since the usual is about 20-25ml. It has a mild fragrance and refreshing and it doesn't linger during the masking time. The scent doesn't bother me at all. The essence sink into my skin pretty quickly and it doesn't leave an oil residue.
When application, I feel that it refreshes my skin very nicely. It would be better if you have put the mask in the fridge for 10 minutes and apply it on the face. After 20 minutes of application, I can still feel the moisture left in the mask and I tend to squeeze the essence out and pat in my skin for further hydration. The remaining excess, I put on my neck and my hands.

The essence sink into my skin for around 5 minutes and it leaves the skin nice and plump. I feel that my face is smoother afterwards and felt more awake. I have been using the mask for quite a while and I don't get any breakouts from the mask and I didn't get any clogged pores from the mask.

Overall, I give this mask a 4 stars out of 5. I love how it makes my skin feel nice and smooth while hydrating the skin and makes it plump and radiant. I shall try a new version after I have tried some of the sheet masks that I have left so, it would be quite a while haha!

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