Review: My Beauty Diary 2-step Deep Pore Cleansing Pack ★★☆☆☆

This time round, I want to review the My Beauty Diary 2 step deep pore cleansing pack. I have bought this sheet mask during last year and I never get a chance to use this properly. I somehow used the Volcanic Oil-Control Mud Mask a while back and I didn't remember the effects properly so, I won't be putting in this review. (I'm sorry!)

For the Glacier Water Soothing Repair mask, it was an okay mask. I find that just using the repair mask alone didn't do much to my skin and I didn't see any effects whatsoever on my skin. The mask material is paper like and it tears quite easily. It was soaked in the essence very well but for some reason, the sheet mask was quite drying during the 10 minutes of application. Although it doesn't have any scent, it was messy to apply since it keeps tearing here and there. After a struggle of applying it on my face, I finally was able to leave it for 10-15 minutes. During the 10-15 minutes, the mask dries up pretty fast and I felt that my skin was not able to get enough moisture that it needed for the day. I usually apply serums and essences before the mask so my skin should have a layer of moisture. But with this mask, I felt that my moisture is leaving my skin through evaporation with the essence.

With that being said, I feel bad to say this but I don't really like this mask. I give this mask 2 stars out of 5. I wish it has shown better results as I was really looking forward to using this mask. I still have one more type that is similar to this from the same brand. I hope that won't be like this mask and make my skin a bit better than what it is right now! 

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