Review: Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Pack ★★★★★

I brought this sleeping pack to both my Japan trip and my Myanmar trip last month. I got this product from a winter holiday limited edition set that I bought during the Black Friday sale and I brought this sleeping pack with me to my travels.

I knew that Japan was really cold during January so I wanted something that I can use as a mask as well as a moisturiser. I was right that I chose this sleeping pack with me to Japan. I will review the entire holiday kit in the future. 

I cannot say that I love this product as a sleeping mask. Because I use it as a moisturiser. When I went to Japan as well as Myanmar, I forgot to bring my moisturiser so I use this as a moisturiser and I fell in love with the product.

It's very lightweight on my skin; meaning that I don't feel sticky feeling on my face, sinks into the skin very quickly and it's not too heavy nor light. I love the way it moisturises for my face and I really loved using it. When I travel, I tend to choose something that I can use without bringing a lot of products and this product worked perfectly on my face in a dry and harsh weather.

I can't live without this product whenever I go travel. I love this product. Although I won't use it when I'm back home because I tend to layer a lot more products since I have all my products so whenever I'm travelling, I'll be bringing this product.

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