Photo Diary: Botanical Gardens Singapore 2016

I want to go back to the Botanical Gardens in Singapore right now so I wanted to make a little #throwback to you guys by sharing this photo diary with y'all. These photos were saved in a cloud and I never really looked at them so I took them out and edit them a bit and share on my blog to see how my photography skills and whether it had improved throughout these years.

It's still a good laugh to see the boyfriend in very long hair. At that time, both of us thought it looked cool and now when I look back, it doesn't match him at all hahaha. I was using the kit lens at the time and I was so not sure how to frame or shoot photos.

Now, this made me wonder.... I want to publish a blogpost dedicated to the day I got my DSLR and how I felt about it and how I struggled to take photos even in Auto mode. During this time, I had watched so many hours of photography tutorials on YouTube and started trying to shoot in manual mode. That's why although I took a lot of photos, most of them were blurred, over/under exposed, not composed nicely! But I still wanted to share some of the good ones and even some of my bad ones here so that I can look back and learn from my mistakes in the future.

This photo diary will serve as a memory and my journey to photography. I want to take more photos very soon. Though I'm going to be very busy from now on because of my studies. Wish me luck and I hope you enjoyed this photo diary as much as I enjoyed making it.

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