Pathein: A Place where I call home now

Shot with my Canon EOS 70D in November, 2016
I was always a Yangon girl. I was born in Yangon, raised there and spent all my life there before I came to Singapore 5 years ago. I love the way Yangon treats me, bustling with people from all over the country, making their lives and living in the beautiful yet old city of the former capital of my home country.

While I was in Singapore for the past 5 years, my grandparents passed and my mother was assigned to this neighbouring state called "Ayeyarwaddy". There, Pathein or Bassein was the capital of the state and it was a small city when compared to Yangon.

If you have known the news about the Nagis that hit Myanmar in 2008, Ayeyarwaddy was one of the major states that was hit severely. The city was rebuilt after the incident and it now is a bustling city like it was before the incident.
My mother moved to the city during end of 2014 and whenever I come back to the country, I spent my majority of the time there. Mum was busy with her hospital and the clinic so I usually spent time in the bedroom, doing some photography or my blogging stuff by myself.
A place where I spent the majority of my time
I was not impressed at first because there is nothing to do there. I have no friends to hang out, my mum was busy with the work so it was kinda lonely for me to spend my time spending time on my MacBook.

But whenever I go out, I was always amazed in the busyness of the town, people are living their lives and the never ending traffic to avoid. I realised that it has slowly becoming my home and I spent more time here than in Yangon. I now call this city home and I am still excited to look around and shoot things that are interesting to me.

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