Myanmar Photo Diary: Yangon 2016

I was born in Yangon and raised here so I kinda knew things inside out. Well, that's what I thought. After coming to Singapore for 5 years, I realised that Yangon has grown in the fastest way in terms of places to eat, places to go and relax. After coming back from a long time, I didn't remember where things are and the places to go anymore. Therefore, I took out my camera to document places of interest and things that are nice to look at. 
I wasn't expecting too much with my photography. I just took whatever I saw and they turned out to be good. There are places that never changes no matter how much time it took and there are some places that changed a lot during the few months that I didn't return. Everything looked new to me and boy, was I glad to document some places that I wasn't able to see if I were not walking around the city. 

Though it was around  November in 2016, it's still very hot so I went to some popsicle shop to eat a delicious yet very sour popsicle for around S$2.  

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