My very first camera lens + photo diary


I want to write something that is personal to my love for photography and my very first lens after my kit lens. After a few days of researching, I finally decided to get a Canon 50mm f1.8 lens. If you love photography or if you read a lot of bloggers, a lot of people use this lens and they call it "the nifty fifty". After getting it, I finally get to know why they call it. 

It is considered a cheap lens and has a ridiculously sharp image quality. So, a lot of people get this lens after the kit lens and hence it is very popular. I was also thinking of getting more into my YouTube channel at that time, so I wanted a "blurred background" or "bokeh" so I decided to opt for this f1.8 lens. It performed amazingly but it was a tad bit too close for my liking. 

I had that issues since the beginning thinking that I made a mistake because it's too narrow for composure range and I can't film my makeup tutorials like this. 

After having this lens for around 2 years now, I now like it much better for my photography rather than video since I do more of photography than my videos and I am grateful to have this. It is a god-send for portrait photography and I am still amazed by how good the photos look whenever I use this. I don't use it often but I love the way it makes the photos so I am glad to have this lens in my life right now!

These are the photos that I took during the day that I bought the lens so they were really old but bare with me. I wanted to write something that I can keep my memories and thoughts in one place. I want to get into more of my photography changes and keep notes so that I can reference to it later instead of piling through my hard drive to look for reference. 

I hope you liked it. If you want to keep updated with my photography and my life, please check out my Instagram page at @sheisreyar for my photos. 

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