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I'm always finding new ways to improve my photography, my workflow and my creative outlet. I love doing what I do and I take pleasure and honour in doing things that I love. Though it's not for everyone, I find that this is another form of communication for me as I'm not good with art like painting or drawing. So, photography is one way that I put my heart into capturing the beautiful scenes that I love. It's a form of what I see in my world with or without lens. 

I love creating beautiful imagery of my surroundings. I love beauty itself, from beautiful natural landscapes to amazing architecture buildings man-made. I love the way people are living differently and I love to capture how they live and how they interact with society. 

To me, photography has became a part of my life, capturing moments of joy and sadness. Though I don't bring my DSLR everywhere I go (trust me, I bring it to a lot of places), I have my phone camera to shoot most of the beautiful moments that I face in life. 

This blog is also the same thing. Although I don't call blogging as a passion of mine, since I only blog to further communicate the ways that I think and see, share my experiences and share the things that I love with the world. 

So, yes to my mother who once asked me this "So, you changed your hobbies from being a blogger to a photographer?" Although I call myself "a blogger", my passion lies in sharing things and create beautiful things from my world of perspective. The blog is just a median for me to share things. Again, I'm using photography as a median to share what I see in my life, little bits and pieces of my life and what my eyes see. 

I love taking photos. I take my pride taking and sharing them. I take this passion pretty seriously and I just love doing this. I may or may not work as a photographer in the future, but I can say this. I love seeing beautiful things and I want to share beautiful things with the people to enjoy and maybe inspired to go out and live the most out of their lives. 

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