My Week in Photos (Week 51)

A week has passed since my finals and I was not rested at all. I told my mother that I won't be coming back to Myanmar because I want to rest properly in Singapore. Well, let me tell you, I'm not well rested at all. Everyday was hectic. Everyday is an outing for me. There were friends who are going back to their home countries because we finished our final exams so I was so busy spending time with them before they go back. Since, they were planning not to come back to Singapore for work so I'm not going to see them for a while. I'm going to miss them but it's okay. I can always talk to them.

This is also the week where I finally decided on my next year's projects. I'm so excited about my projects which is going to happen in January 2018. I won't tell you just yet but by the time I'm writing this, I'm preparing for the project to start. Can't wait for it!

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