My Week in Photos (Week 49)

I really need to catch up on my blogposts on "My Week in Photos" category since I was too busy or lazy to update them. I wanted to focus on my studies, my social life and my creativity so I just didn't update on my blog for the past few weeks. Although it was a better excuse for me to not update often so I'm sorry. 

This week in particular, it was a week that my final exams started. Surviving on Redbulls to study and I was pretty exhausted on the first day of my exam. The first day was CSR day so I was pretty nervous about the exam too. I needed 18% out of 50 to pass the module so it was really nervous for me. I hope I can pass my module now that I'm writing about it. 

Well, the day that I started my exams, I was pretty stressed out so the bf always does his job perfectly as a boyfriend and feed me food so that I won't coop in my room studying all day. I also had my friends meet up to go for shopping for my friend's birthday on the exam day so, I felt quite nice after the exam and hoping for the best..

8th was my friend's birthday so we went out and celebrated for her with the gang and it was all day socialising and hanging out. I was pretty chill on 8th already since 11th will be the last day of finals for my entire MBA life. Hopefully, everything went well.

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