My Week in Photos (Week 47)

Omg I cannot believe that in one week, my MBA life is finishing. It also was the week of hectic with many presentations. I was also doing duo presentation with my teammate for economics and it went well. I was so not prepared for the presentation since it was confused about the timing but I think it went well. It was also the final week of negotiation stimulation so I was super nervous about it. Well, we managed to do the negotiation successfully with ups and downs so it was well worth it. I was super grateful of my teammates since they helped me a whole lot during the negotiation so, it was all worth it I guess. 

At last, the final day of my MBA uni life has came and everybody was like taking photos with the whole class so that it would be a part of our memories. I also met up with my old friend from high school and we talked a lot and took a lot of photos and it was a memorable night for me. 

I was so excited to go to Indonesia with the girls at that point. I was counting down the days to go overseas with them. I was head over heels for that trip.....

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