My Week in Photos (Week 46)

It was a really nice week since I was finally able to rest for a while. My assignments rate has calmed down for a bit before it gets busy again. Nonetheless, I still needed to go to school and well, I kinda have fun with my friends. Another happy thing is that, the bf finally bought his own camera. After researching a lot of cameras for him, I decided to go with Fujifilm camera and boy, I was blown away by the quality of the images.

Now, I kinda want a Fujifilm camera but my Canon 70D does not need replacing so I'll just drool over the bf's camera. He tested the camera out and damn, they are so sharp and so nicely colour graded and it was really easy to use. Well, I was also able to play with the camera so I'm so pumped about taking more shots with the camera.

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