My Week in Photo (Week 45)

Ohh boy, I'm enjoying my iPhone X. All the photos that you'll see here are from the back and front camera of iPhone X so I really enjoyed using it. I will leave a blogpost talking about how I thought of the iPhone X here. If you have followed me on Instagram (@sheisreyar) and my face mask Instagram (@thefacemaskjunkie), you'll know that a lot of the photos taken are from iPhone X and you'll see a jump in quality from my previous photos posted.

I just love taking photos of everything that I've seen that are ascetically pleasing for me and I tend to share them on my Instagram. This week was a pretty standard week with four days of school days while one day is mainly self-study. I was really bored at self-study so I started taking a load of selfies (I don't want to show how many I took) so I'll just put one selfie here as an example on how good the front camera is.

Meeting the bf and eating curry is still a must. No matter how many times we have eaten the CoCo curry, we just loved it so much that our wallets are crying (it's quite expensive to eat CoCo curry in SG - it costs around $18 per curry). Nonetheless, we enjoy it way too much way too often :'(

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