One day with iPhone X - A Review

Since I’m coming from iPhone 6S Plus, the first thing that I noticed immediately from the iPhone X is the size. I was amazed on how small the overall size of the phone and yet the screen ratio is much bigger than the last one.

Battery wise, I noticed that iPhone X’s battery lasts longer than iPhone 6S plus. I don’t play games so I’m not sure how long the battery will last if you are a gamer.

Another feature that I really got used to very fast is the FaceID. Coming from TouchID, I thought I would be struggling making a change but I got used to it very fast. The FaceID works very fast. Although it’s a pain to look at your phone at the time you want to unlock the device.

Swiping up from the bottom is also very easy to adapt instead of pressing the home button. All these gestures are very easy to do and easy to adapt to.
The thing I don’t like about the gesture is the gesture of accessing the control centre. You have to use another hand to swipe down from the bottom where last time, you can just swipe up using the same hand.

Let’s talk about display. Display wise, it’s bright! It’s colour accurate and easy to see in the sunlight. But if you are a night owl like me, a sudden bright light in the dark can make you scream a bit in the middle of the night 😂. If you are not used to the True Tone that is in the iPad previously, it’s also another great feature that adapts the screen according to the light temperature around you.

Watching videos on YouTube is not intrusive as I thought it would be. Yes, the portion of the video is cut because of the camera housing but it’s very easy to adapt to. They also have an original aspect ratio with the black bars on the side if you don’t like the full screen mode.

Having no headphone jack is something I’m already used to because I use Bluetooth earphones normally since I have the iPhone 6S Plus.

Speaking of sound, the stereo quality of the phone sounds rich and vibrant. The full blast mode on the iPhone is much louder compared to my previous phone.

Now, for the camera. To be honest, I haven’t use much of the selfie camera and I’m not used to the portrait mode and the lightings that they provide. But when I tested out the low light situation, it works amazingly well when compared to the iPhone 6S plus. The photos that I took yesterday were sharp, true to colour. Front selfie portrait is hit and miss sometimes. If you are just taking day to day shots during the day time is pretty consistent throughout the photos.

Coming from a 6S Plus, the most challenging things to adapt is the accessing of notification centre and control centre with one hand. Since the apps currently are not optimised for iPhone X, dynamically adpting to the screen is lacking for apps until they update the apps.

So, this is what I found by using the new iPhone X in one day. If you have iPhone 7 or 8 models, this upgrade may not worth it for you. My sugggestion is to wait for next year to have a better screen optimisation, a more reliable FaceID and camera usability.

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