AWEI AK7 Bluetooth Wireless Earphone Review

I bought this little device during the COMEX show 2017 at the end of August. I bought it with S$29 at the AWEI pop-up store at Suntec City and I have been using this earphones for the past few months. Since I have been using for quite some time, I want to give you a review of whether this earphone is worth purchasing or not.

To be honest, I think it's worth it. For the price, this earphone sounds okay quality, much better than some of the earphones that I had and the battery last for a long time. It also had several different adjustments and accessories straight from the box.

Something that amazed me was the battery life. Although the box says it'll last for 10 hours, I think that it lasts for more than 10 hours. The box also says that call time is about 12 hours. Because of its magnetic closures as an on/off switch, I don't need to worry about the earphone turned on when I wasn't looking around. Another great benefit from this feature is that, I can just wear it on my neck without needing to find my earphones when necessary. Also, when it switched on, it automatically connects to my phone and I can see how much battery I have left on my iPhone so that's also another great benefit.

Sound quality wise, I think it's not bad. It's almost as comparable to the ear pods that Apple come with their iPhones. Although my Beats earphone has way better sound quality, it was nearly $350 so being a tenth of the price, I think it's worth it.
It is also IPX4 waterproof, sweat and splash proof device with CVC intelligent noice reduction. It also has a service of 7 days refund policy, 15 days replacement policy as well as 12 month warranty policy in place when you purchase the product. They also have 4 colours to choose from black & red, black, blue and gold.  With all these features and have a decent sound quality, I give this earphone a 4.5 start out of 5 and I highly recommend you to try this out if you are looking for a wireless headphone.

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