My Week in Photos (Week 47)

Omg I cannot believe that in one week, my MBA life is finishing. It also was the week of hectic with many presentations. I was also doing duo presentation with my teammate for economics and it went well. I was so not prepared for the presentation since it was confused about the timing but I think it went well. It was also the final week of negotiation stimulation so I was super nervous about it. Well, we managed to do the negotiation successfully with ups and downs so it was well worth it. I was super grateful of my teammates since they helped me a whole lot during the negotiation so, it was all worth it I guess. 

At last, the final day of my MBA uni life has came and everybody was like taking photos with the whole class so that it would be a part of our memories. I also met up with my old friend from high school and we talked a lot and took a lot of photos and it was a memorable night for me. 

I was so excited to go to Indonesia with the girls at that point. I was counting down the days to go overseas with them. I was head over heels for that trip.....

Joyful thoughts at midnight

I feel extremely blessed. For this whole year, I felt a lot of new feelings that I've never gained for the past 22 years of my life. I would have never realised this if I were like my younger self. So, in this post, I want to say some cheesy words to people that may or may not read my words. But it's okay! I'm writing because I want to cherish what I felt at this moment while I'm thinking of how blessed I am for this past year.

Fast backwards for a year, November 2016, I was at Myanmar trying to decide what I should do with my life. I have already graduated but I still haven't found any job. Something in my gut told me from my experience from being a secretary for the Business Club which I was in the past year that I should continue studying and attend MBA. I told my mum how I was feeling about this whole situation and as how amazing my mother can be, she agreed me to continue studying for one more year and get my Masters.
So, here I was, facing my whole new environment of the unknown people. Since I knew how painful I were to not have any close friends during my bachelors so I decided to try a new approach. That approach gave me respect from people and I get to become friends with them. But I was never a close friend.

First trimester was okay. I tried my best. Gave all my shot. Made a lot of mistakes. Felt a lot of anxiety and depression. Was sick a lot of the time. But it was okay. Still feeling that I was just a transparent person. People come and go. I never felt that I belong with somebody.

Second trimester, well it was messy. All the people from the first trimester branched out with other people. Some already found whom they clicked with and with whom they belonged. Still making terrible mistakes though, for me. But getting a bit better about myself. Trying to find some place to drop my anchor. Made some friends along the way and they seems pretty fun to be with. I worked my butt off to gain respect from people. I learned the hard way that respects must be earned by working my butt off. So, I did. Still very insecure about myself and still doesn't realise that I'm blessed though.

Third and last trimester, happiest and craziest times. People whom I handpicked to work with me were very nice to me and without them, I couldn't do what I did for this year. We played, we worked, we laughed and we studied and they were very helpful to me. They put up with all my complaints, all my crazy requests, sometimes I couldn't lead them anymore so they stepped up and lead the team to put ourselves together. I'm blessed to have them. They knew when I break down, and they bring me back to life. Being with them is fun, lots of laughter, very serious from time to time and I was really blessed with them. I am a weak human. I tend to break down sometimes and I tend to be all serious most of the time, didn't know how to make jokes to make them laugh and didn't know how to listen properly. I know that some of them might have complaints about me but I'm still very much in love with them. They are the ones that I enjoyed being with and most importantly, they make me enjoy my life to the best while I still can.

So, thank you for putting up with me, encourage me when I needed, praised me when I did a good job, said "you did well" when I started thinking that I didn't do good enough. Put up with my ups and downs and still say "I want to group with you". Thank you for trusting me and believing in me so, I thank you to my teammates that I really loved spending my trimester with. I'm glad that I teamed up with them.

My Week in Photos (Week 46)

It was a really nice week since I was finally able to rest for a while. My assignments rate has calmed down for a bit before it gets busy again. Nonetheless, I still needed to go to school and well, I kinda have fun with my friends. Another happy thing is that, the bf finally bought his own camera. After researching a lot of cameras for him, I decided to go with Fujifilm camera and boy, I was blown away by the quality of the images.

Now, I kinda want a Fujifilm camera but my Canon 70D does not need replacing so I'll just drool over the bf's camera. He tested the camera out and damn, they are so sharp and so nicely colour graded and it was really easy to use. Well, I was also able to play with the camera so I'm so pumped about taking more shots with the camera.

My Week in Photo (Week 45)

Ohh boy, I'm enjoying my iPhone X. All the photos that you'll see here are from the back and front camera of iPhone X so I really enjoyed using it. I will leave a blogpost talking about how I thought of the iPhone X here. If you have followed me on Instagram (@sheisreyar) and my face mask Instagram (@thefacemaskjunkie), you'll know that a lot of the photos taken are from iPhone X and you'll see a jump in quality from my previous photos posted.

I just love taking photos of everything that I've seen that are ascetically pleasing for me and I tend to share them on my Instagram. This week was a pretty standard week with four days of school days while one day is mainly self-study. I was really bored at self-study so I started taking a load of selfies (I don't want to show how many I took) so I'll just put one selfie here as an example on how good the front camera is.

Meeting the bf and eating curry is still a must. No matter how many times we have eaten the CoCo curry, we just loved it so much that our wallets are crying (it's quite expensive to eat CoCo curry in SG - it costs around $18 per curry). Nonetheless, we enjoy it way too much way too often :'(

One day with iPhone X - A Review

Since I’m coming from iPhone 6S Plus, the first thing that I noticed immediately from the iPhone X is the size. I was amazed on how small the overall size of the phone and yet the screen ratio is much bigger than the last one.

Battery wise, I noticed that iPhone X’s battery lasts longer than iPhone 6S plus. I don’t play games so I’m not sure how long the battery will last if you are a gamer.

Another feature that I really got used to very fast is the FaceID. Coming from TouchID, I thought I would be struggling making a change but I got used to it very fast. The FaceID works very fast. Although it’s a pain to look at your phone at the time you want to unlock the device.

Swiping up from the bottom is also very easy to adapt instead of pressing the home button. All these gestures are very easy to do and easy to adapt to.
The thing I don’t like about the gesture is the gesture of accessing the control centre. You have to use another hand to swipe down from the bottom where last time, you can just swipe up using the same hand.

Let’s talk about display. Display wise, it’s bright! It’s colour accurate and easy to see in the sunlight. But if you are a night owl like me, a sudden bright light in the dark can make you scream a bit in the middle of the night 😂. If you are not used to the True Tone that is in the iPad previously, it’s also another great feature that adapts the screen according to the light temperature around you.

Watching videos on YouTube is not intrusive as I thought it would be. Yes, the portion of the video is cut because of the camera housing but it’s very easy to adapt to. They also have an original aspect ratio with the black bars on the side if you don’t like the full screen mode.

Having no headphone jack is something I’m already used to because I use Bluetooth earphones normally since I have the iPhone 6S Plus.

Speaking of sound, the stereo quality of the phone sounds rich and vibrant. The full blast mode on the iPhone is much louder compared to my previous phone.

Now, for the camera. To be honest, I haven’t use much of the selfie camera and I’m not used to the portrait mode and the lightings that they provide. But when I tested out the low light situation, it works amazingly well when compared to the iPhone 6S plus. The photos that I took yesterday were sharp, true to colour. Front selfie portrait is hit and miss sometimes. If you are just taking day to day shots during the day time is pretty consistent throughout the photos.

Coming from a 6S Plus, the most challenging things to adapt is the accessing of notification centre and control centre with one hand. Since the apps currently are not optimised for iPhone X, dynamically adpting to the screen is lacking for apps until they update the apps.

So, this is what I found by using the new iPhone X in one day. If you have iPhone 7 or 8 models, this upgrade may not worth it for you. My sugggestion is to wait for next year to have a better screen optimisation, a more reliable FaceID and camera usability.

AWEI AK7 Bluetooth Wireless Earphone Review

I bought this little device during the COMEX show 2017 at the end of August. I bought it with S$29 at the AWEI pop-up store at Suntec City and I have been using this earphones for the past few months. Since I have been using for quite some time, I want to give you a review of whether this earphone is worth purchasing or not.

To be honest, I think it's worth it. For the price, this earphone sounds okay quality, much better than some of the earphones that I had and the battery last for a long time. It also had several different adjustments and accessories straight from the box.

Something that amazed me was the battery life. Although the box says it'll last for 10 hours, I think that it lasts for more than 10 hours. The box also says that call time is about 12 hours. Because of its magnetic closures as an on/off switch, I don't need to worry about the earphone turned on when I wasn't looking around. Another great benefit from this feature is that, I can just wear it on my neck without needing to find my earphones when necessary. Also, when it switched on, it automatically connects to my phone and I can see how much battery I have left on my iPhone so that's also another great benefit.

Sound quality wise, I think it's not bad. It's almost as comparable to the ear pods that Apple come with their iPhones. Although my Beats earphone has way better sound quality, it was nearly $350 so being a tenth of the price, I think it's worth it.
It is also IPX4 waterproof, sweat and splash proof device with CVC intelligent noice reduction. It also has a service of 7 days refund policy, 15 days replacement policy as well as 12 month warranty policy in place when you purchase the product. They also have 4 colours to choose from black & red, black, blue and gold.  With all these features and have a decent sound quality, I give this earphone a 4.5 start out of 5 and I highly recommend you to try this out if you are looking for a wireless headphone.
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