Feeling of disappointment

I have to say, I have been having so much fun lately. 

It's been a while since I got some friends that understand me and kinda support me for being me. So, I thought that I had found my place. I had found some friends that I can talk to without faking myself. I fooled around, went to picnics, went out with them. 

I wasn't neglecting my studies. Never was I to forgot why I am here for. 

When I saw the marks for my assignment before all the fun, it was the lowest that I've ever gotten before. The grades itself doesn't made me so depressed. If I were to do like last minute for this assignment, I knew it was going to bad and I kinda deserved it. 

However, it was when I spent the entire week doing one assignment. I never spent that much of time for one assignment before. I researched a tonne, tried writing and rewriting again and research again to accomplish that particular assignment. 
I feel disappointed in myself. The worst thing was everyone's faces when I said my marks. 


I've always got somewhat good grades. It's not a brag but I was kinda happy that I got good grades. Then, people just assume that I will always do good grades every single time. When, I got bad grades, they were like "Reyar only got xx marks?!!! WHAT HAPPENED?" 

I want to know why it happened. It just happened and I don't know why and I'm the one who is looking for answers. Don't put salt in the wound. It's more painful!

I'm sorry guys. It's been a while I upload and it was a depressing one. Anyways, I have a lot of blogposts that I planned that I want to do so I will upload them when I have the time. Now, I'll be re-focusing on my course work not to fail the actual module. 

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