Feeling of disappointment

I have to say, I have been having so much fun lately. 

It's been a while since I got some friends that understand me and kinda support me for being me. So, I thought that I had found my place. I had found some friends that I can talk to without faking myself. I fooled around, went to picnics, went out with them. 

I wasn't neglecting my studies. Never was I to forgot why I am here for. 

When I saw the marks for my assignment before all the fun, it was the lowest that I've ever gotten before. The grades itself doesn't made me so depressed. If I were to do like last minute for this assignment, I knew it was going to bad and I kinda deserved it. 

However, it was when I spent the entire week doing one assignment. I never spent that much of time for one assignment before. I researched a tonne, tried writing and rewriting again and research again to accomplish that particular assignment. 
I feel disappointed in myself. The worst thing was everyone's faces when I said my marks. 


I've always got somewhat good grades. It's not a brag but I was kinda happy that I got good grades. Then, people just assume that I will always do good grades every single time. When, I got bad grades, they were like "Reyar only got xx marks?!!! WHAT HAPPENED?" 

I want to know why it happened. It just happened and I don't know why and I'm the one who is looking for answers. Don't put salt in the wound. It's more painful!

I'm sorry guys. It's been a while I upload and it was a depressing one. Anyways, I have a lot of blogposts that I planned that I want to do so I will upload them when I have the time. Now, I'll be re-focusing on my course work not to fail the actual module. 

Autumn Wishlist

Autumn has arrived and it's time for me to rock some long sleeve clothes. Well, although Singapore is super duper humid and hot weather all year round so I'm going back to basics in terms of clothes. I want to get more simple basic shirts and some cardigans that fit my style.

In terms of makeup and skincare, I want to try out some moisturising masks from Fresh beauty since I've been hearing a lot of good reviews from bloggers. So, I want to try some stuff from them in the near future.

October 2017: Monthly Goals

October is a month where I have a lot of appointments and work and uni stuff. There's a lot of workload and I'll be going back to Myanmar to travel with my mother so it'll be more hectic for me. But I'm so excited for the trip though. I also have a lot of assignment dues on this month, especially today (1st of October) since I got 3 assignments due on the same day. I'm writing this blogpost in a few days in advance so that I can focus on my assignments. I wonder how panic I will be on the day.

So, this month, I have a few goals that I want to achieve.
Update my blog everyday
If you have followed me or read my blogposts in the past, for the past 2 months, I have been writing one blogpost everyday just because I want to get back to blogging. I blog not because of fame or money or products, I blog because I want this platform to become a personal blog where I gather memories and what I did for my life and how I cope with the changes in life. So, I want to continue writing everyday even if the topic is a bit weird or a bit too outdated. So, if you are a returning reader of my blog, I'm so thankful for you to read my blog and I hope you'll continue reading this blog in the future.

Spend less money on makeup and clothes
I've been spending a lot of money where I decided that I would save up for a bit (if you take a look at my hauls), this month I want to spend less money while I'm travelling and afterwards. I want to spend less money on cosmetics and clothes so this is my goal for the month.

Finish my assignments at least one week before the due date
This is another goal of mine for the month of October. Since I'll be travelling, I want to finish my assignments early so that they'll be good to go without me trying to rush everything last minute.

So, this is my goals for the month. I'm excited to travel back and go on a trip with my mother and this time, I'll be bringing my DSLR so I'll take loads of photos.
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