Where I splurge & save on beauty habits as an university student

Saving money is important for everyone. When you are an university student, you need to take note of the importance of handling money. Today, I want to share with my take on saving as money as I can in beauty habits when splurging on some items.

First of all, I'm just a normal university student that doesn't work part time job. I can't work part time job while I'm studying because of the Singapore law so I only rely on my pocket money to save and splurge on beauty habits. I also want to go through the different categories of beauty habits and where to save them. I'm also not a perfect person. Sometimes, I spend my money on weird items which I regret doing after I've done so I want to share with you what kind of stupid mistakes and share with you how to avoid them.

Let's start with body care.

Body care products
I actually save a lot of products on body care since I tend to buy my shower gel/soap during on sale. I'm not a lotion kind of person but whenever I feel like my skin is super dry, I tend to stock up my favourite lotion during sales. I also don't have a bath tub at my house so I save a lot of money in bath bombs, bubble wash and such.

I recommend you to take care of body in shower while giving a good scrub and moisturise them while saving money for other splurge items.

I save a lot of money by not going to spas. Although I found my love for spas during my trip to Indonesia, I decided that I rather save up for travel and splurge there instead of spending a lot of money on spa in Singapore. Singapore is extremely expensive in terms of spa prices so I recommend to save up money to go to travel or do things you love to do.

Hair care products
If you read my monthly beauty favourites, you'll see my love for hair care products. But I tend to research and spend my wisely on hair care products. I buy them when they are on sale and I only use one particular brand after another. Currently, I'm rotating two types of shampoos depending on my hair condition. Take care of the scalp by messaging your scalp during shower. Moisturise your hair ends with a good conditioner and towel dry which will make your hair healthier.

Salons, hair cuts, dying hair and straightening/curling
I'm guilty of splurging my money on hair cuts and dying hair and straightening hair in 2017. I spent a lot more than I should have in terms of salon visits. I regret a bit of spending that much money on hair salons to make my hair nice and straight.

I have naturally curly hair and I tend to rebond/straighten my hair every year to keep it straight. I should spend less money on straightening all the time since it damages the hair and my wallet every time.

In terms of colouring, I tend to do it so often these days. I'm not sure of the reason but my grey hair has been growing a lot more than my black hair so to hide them, I tend to colour a lot. Colouring at home will save a lot of money while giving a good results but I tend to colour at a salon for better colour pay off and even layering.

From these mistakes that I made, I recommend you to colour at your home if you are planning to colour your hair. There are many home kits on colouring, straightening and curling hair if you want to save a lot of money. Another alternative is to go hair and makeup schools and allow the students to cut your hair. They will be much more affordable than having a director of stylist cut your hair at a salon.

Hair styling tools
I have bought hair styling tools in the past and I have not yet bought a new one this year. The only new hair styling tool that I got is a Dyson hair dryer as a gift from my boyfriend which I use whenever I wash my hair. Buying quality hair styling tools can last for many years which can save you a lot of money.

Nail Salons
To be honest, I don't spend money on both nail salons and nail polishes. But if you are a nail lover, I would recommend you to have a spa day during weekends or whenever you are free and give messages to your hands and feet and indulge in wearing a new nail polish that you love instead of going to nail salons.

This is the part where I'll tell you to splurge your money on good skincare. However, I'm not telling you to get the most expensive skin care products that may or may not work on your skin. So, I'll be telling you to research and research for your skin type and pay attention to skincare items that you use and figure out which ingredients work best for your skin. Even though I say that you can splurge your hard earned money on skincare, I'll also be saying that some drugstore skincare items are gems that are extremely good so look for both drugstore and high end skincare. If you can find a good drugstore item that works for your skin, it's going to be a score for both your skin and your wallet.

I'll be doing a more thorough blogpost on makeup items but in general, there are many makeup items that are good in drugstore and you can always keep an eye out for sale to save even further. If I were to look at my spending behaviour on makeup items, I mostly splurge on foundation where I tend to save a lot on other makeup items.

I'll do a splurge and save break down on makeup items in a future post. So, stay tuned.

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