To my boyfriend of 4 years on our anniversary

Dear my boyfriend of 4 years,

Happy Anniversary Marcus. I cannot believe it's been four years that we have been together and I'm still pretty much amazed that we have been through so much in this 4 years. So much memories, so much laughter, pouts and occasional sadness. But my happiness of being with you always outweigh the sadness. 

We have graduated together, spent everyday during our university life, stressed out from coding and studying while finding time to have fun. These days we have both been so busy with our lives. You, working and working, and me, trying to finish my master degree, have so little time together that we eat and go back to our lives. Our lives involved around food and these days we only do that. Not that I'm complaining but I think we need to start working out. Going towards a more healthy lifestyle. I know that we try to spend more time on weekends but it's a bit tough when I got assignments due. I'm excited for the end of the year to go on a lovely trip with you and have fun.
So, in this letter, I want to say things that I didn't say so often but I should say more often. I know we have been together for more than 4 years, I'm still so excited to meet you for dinners. Although I'm annoyed at you for trying to rub my belly (what's with you and the love for my belly?), I'm very appreciate of you being by my side whenever I need you. 

So, ......

Thank you for being by my side. 

Thank you for feeding me since I totally starve myself when I'm alone at home. 

Thank you for always sending me back home even if you are very tired from work. 

Thank you for always make your time for me. 

Thank you for saying me beautiful when if I look like crap. 

Thank you for being with me even if I get annoyed at you all the time. 

Thank you for taking care of me all the time and help me when I'm in need.

Thank you for always supporting me through serious mental breakdowns and through stressful times. 

Last but not least, 

Thank you for loving me endlessly. I'm the luckiest girl to have you. Happy 4 years anniversary and I'm excited for the future. I love you more than you can imagine. 


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