Summer Reading List

These days books have become my outlet to relax my brain from stressful things. I cannot believe I finally read some actual books this year as I mentioned in my new year resolutions. Although I don't read them everyday, I've been reading a lot more than I used to so it's a great progress for me.

I know it's almost autumn but I want to mention some books I read during summer and I would recommend you to read them. I have 3 books and 2 manga. Generally, I don't read fiction because I don't like reading them so the books that were in my summer reading list were non-fiction books and manga.

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck by Sarah Knight

This book talks about how we are giving a lot of our attention to a lot of things when you can cut all those down without being rude to other people. Sarah emphasises a lot on "say no without hurting other people's feelings". It is a good book to read whether to stop spending time you don't really have or whether you want to know how to say "no" other people.

Goodbye, Things by Sasaki Fumio
I always tend to resonate with the things that happen in Japan especially when I went to Japan last year. So when I read this book, the things that he mentioned resonate with me so much (some people don't get on some stuff he said mainly because it's Japanese culture) and the way he mentioned his life and how he manages gave me so much inspiration and motivation to start tackling down stuff in my room again. I highly recommend this book if you are into decluttering or just starting to become a minimalist or intrigued by the lifestyle change.

The Little book of Hygge by Meik Wiking
Well, this is the new book I got recently and I have not yet finished it. But, after reading a few pages, I got immediately hooked. This book talk about being hygge (pronounced as hoo-gaa), getting comfortable in all sorts of senses and creating this comfortable and calming atmosphere for you to relax in and live well. I highly recommend you to read it if you are constantly under stress. I believe creating some relaxing atmosphere will help you a bit and become more happy.

From this you know that I'm not a fiction reader. I want to share a few manga that I've been enjoying and reading a lot in summer.

I only started reading this manga after I have finished watching the anime so I also highly recommend you to watch the anime if you are not into reading manga. I have reviewed the season 1 of the anime so I'll link it here if you want to read my review. Anyways, this manga/ anime is about high school boys playing volleyball and trying to compete with other schools. It talks about relationship between team members, how hard work can achieve great things and how to understand each other properly to play well in the game.

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no majo
This manga is also adapted into anime so I highly recommend if you want to watch. However, it doesn't tell the whole story in the anime so I started reading the manga. It talks about Yamada-kun who is a delinquent/scary person in high school who happens to have the power to switch bodies when he kiss a girl. And there are 7 majo (magicians) in that high school and he gets to acquaint with all of them. I highly recommend you to watch anime and read the manga. It is a comedy, drama and romance genre so it'll be entertaining for you. 

So these are my summer reading list. Please let me know what is your summer reading list and recommend me some books for me to read. 

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