September 2017: Books Read

From this month, I want to add this section of books that I've read during the month at the end of every month. I want to add both manga and books that I've read but I couldn't add all the manga that I read since I read a lot more than books. So, I want to add some manga that I've read that I really enjoyed and give my readers a recommendation on the books and manga that I really enjoyed.

The life-changing magic of not giving a f*ck
I've read finished this book during the start of September and I really enjoyed reading this book. This book talks about the ways to stop spending time on things that I don't want to do without hurting other people's feelings. It was an interesting read and it gave me a new perspective on declining some things that I don't want to do in a more polite way without being a jerk. I enjoyed this book and I highly recommend you to read it. 

Nobara no hanayome
This manga really caught my attention when reading the first chapter. It was about a girl who is strong although she was abandoned by her mother with the debt of 100 million yen. She was then bought by her classmate who is a heir of yakuza and she was to pretend as his fiancee. It was another interesting read and it's not that long to read so I really enjoyed reading it while going to university. 

Kimi no sei
Another shojo and romance manga that caught my eye because of the synopsis. It was about the girl who was bullied when she was in school and then the person who bullied her forgot about her and fall in love with her. She hated him so much and thought to herself that she'll revenge on him. I thought it was a bit cliche and cringe worthy manga but the plot was put together and the art was super well drawn. There are some parts that I totally thought of skipping but it was a short and put together manga.

Kekkon shittemo koishiteru (I'm in love with you forever)
Another slice of life, romance and comedy manga that involves around a married couple and their kids. It was funny and yet so sweet that'll make you smile whenever you read them. I think a lot of couples (with or without children) will relate to the manga because of the relationship between a doting husband and his wife. It made me smile every single time I read it so I really recommend you to read it.

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