September 2017: Beauty Empties

Time to another empties!

I love trying out new products. But I have a lot of makeup that is in my collection, so when I used up something, I rather really like it or just wanted to use up so that I can buy a new one.
During September, I finished a few products that is mainly skin care so let's go through what I finished.

Listerine Mouthwash
The last time I finished my mouthwash was during July empties, I decided to try a new mouthwash and I'm so pumped about this. After using this mouthwash, I realised myself how much I enjoyed using this. It has very gentle taste with a salty flavour and I like the fact that it has lemon in it. I really enjoyed using this mouthwash and I even repurchased this again for my next use.

Daiso Cleansing water
I raved about this product a lot last time in my videos and in some of my blogposts, I still enjoy it a lot. I think this is the most budget friendly cleansing water in the market and it make me sad that it's not buyable anymore.

Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water
Another one of my favourites cleansing water that I've used before. This is great for removing eye makeup and I really enjoyed using this a lot. The price is much higher so if you are really on a budget, look for daiso cleansing wipes.

Lush Veganese Conditioner 
Although I've only tried it once, I was impressed by how light and airy this conditioner is. Sometimes, the conditioners that I use are super thick and heavy which makes my hair flat and make my scalp flaky. It's nice to use when you are a frequent hair washer.

Combos Skin Pomegranate Whitening Mask
Another face mask that I've raved about before and I still enjoy using these face masks. They are inexpensive when bought during sales, I got this for buy 1 get 1 free at $10 which has 10 sheets in one box. They are moisturising and can be used daily if needed.

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