September 2017: Beauty Declutter

Next up, we have this month's decluttering session.

I have a few products that I want to share which I won't be using and decluttering. It's all skincare, body care and hair care products~

Color & Soin Mahogany Blonde Hair Dye
I have had this hair dye for a few months since I got it from buy 1 get 1 free and my hair currently is dyed black so I'm not dying my hair red for a while. So, instead of it just sitting at my house doing nothing, I'm going to be selling at my personal online shop.

Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner
I'm not really into skin conditioning and I've used up more than 60% of this conditioner. So, I'm just going to declutter it since it's been sitting in my shower for way too long. If you have dry skin and if you love lotions, you'll love this.

Foam Bath from Grand Hotel
This is the bath foam that I got from a hotel from way too long ago. I'm just straight to tossing it since it's been way too old.

Lolane Natural Hair Treatment
I loved using this hair treatment when I was back in Myanmar. It's like 3 years old so I'm just straight up tossing this product.

Lolane Color Shampoo in Natural Black
Another product that is way too old to be in my collection so I'm just tossing it. I've never used this product before so I don't know what to say about this product.

Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution
I loved it when I had some acne scarring back in the day. I stopped using when I don't have acne anymore so it has been in my collection for around one year. Since then, it had become yellow and gives a weird pungent smelling so I'm going to throw this product out.

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