My Week in Photos (Week 36)

This week was kind of a special week where we got one public holiday on September 1st. So, my boyfriend and I went shopping for his work clothes since he really needed a few and we just walked around and ended our day with beef steak.

I was so tired these days. Maybe because I'm getting too fat from my food and the energy levels are really low almost everyday for the past week. Saturday, I was sleeping the whole day and half of Sunday. The bf's parents decided to go Changi beach for a walk at Sunday evening so we took a long walk under the sun. It was horrible and yet at the same time, I get a bit of my exercise in. We ate at the Changi Village hawker centers and ate that pork cutlet for $6. It was so tasty and so good after a long walk. Monday, I went to school as usual. Nothing unusual. Tuesday, I went to renew my passport and I walked more than 10km on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday, nothing much happened. Just went to school and study a bit.

I really need to do something about my energy levels. I cannot just let this happen for most days. I need to eat a bit less and exercise more often to keep my body fit. That'll be my goal for October maybe.

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