My Week in Photos (Week 35)

First week of my last trimester has started and I'm already freaking out. Things were not going well in my social life because of miscommunication and misunderstanding so I feel awful this entire week. I want to solve this problem asap but I don't know what to say to the other person. urgh! I feel bad and frustrated. My other friend say I shouldn't overthink but I really don't know what to do.

Other things wise, I haven't met my boyfriend since the last weekend. Both of us are really busy with our own things so having to meet him during the weekday after a while is refreshing. Since we went to uni together, we're used to being together for all day everyday so having a bit of distance is refreshing at the same time kinda dreadful.

Another thing is, I've been blogging everyday for the past month and it's my one monthiversary with it this week. I'm so pumped about blogging everyday since I'm trying to write bit by bit everyday and schedule them so that they can go up at the same time everyday.

For the readers of my blog, thank you so much for reading. Even if you only read once or you come back everyday, I'm so grateful that you guys read my blog. I hope it's entertaining, follow along my journey of my life both my mistakes and my celebrations and I hope you continue to follow along my life even though I find it a bit boring.

I'm just a normal burmese girl who doesn't know how to socialise properly, super awkward and too straight forward that some times I lose friends so this is my journey of my way to become straight forward without losing my friends.

So, again, thank you for following my journey. Although it's not much, I'm so thankful for my readers.

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