June 2017: Haul

It's already been time to do my June haul. I cannot believe I have been daily blogging trying to put an end to my blogging projects up to speed. I'm super thrilled about my progress about my blog schedule. I will do my blogging essentials soon so let's talk about haul, shall we?

Sigma 18-35 mm f1.8 Lens
June was a big spending month since I was saving up money to buy a new lens. I was conflicted between the Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 lens and Sigma 17-55 f2.8 lens. Both of the lens are very nice lenses but there is a $400 price difference between the 2 lens so I was thinking really hard which one to get. After thinking so hard for so many days, I got the Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 lens which has a higher price but has a much better quality when it comes to the image quality.

75mm UV Lens 
When I bought the lens, I was recommended to get a UV lens to go with it so that it will protect the lens. And therefore I got the UV lens for my Sigma lens.

Anello Backpack
I was using my old backpack for more than one year and it has started to deteriorate so much since it's always carrying my old and heavy MacBook Pro and my textbooks so I needed a new backpack. I wanted a backpack that fits my laptop, and have a front pocket for easy reach and have two side pockets for my water bottle and my umbrella. So, when I saw it, I thought it was perfect. One, it's black, and two, it has all the requirements that I needed.

Daiso sheet masks in Pearl Barley, Camellia Oil, Black Pearl, Horse Oil, Sakura, Matcha
Sheet Masks are a life saver to me when it comes to picking up the skin from dull and dehydrated skin. So I keep looking for sheet masks that I can use daily and not breaking my bank. I like to try new sheet masks from various brands so that I can choose which ones that work and which didn't. I was so excited when I saw Daiso have sheet masks. They had sheet masks for 7 days last time which I adored so I'm looking forward to try them all.

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