June 2017: Beauty Declutter

With the continuation of my minimalism series, I would like to declutter things that I am not using and things that I don't like nor see myself using in the long term. If you haven't see my yesterday's May beauty declutter, I'll link it here so please go and check it out.

This month, I have a lot more makeup items that I would like to declutter.
Essence All About Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
I find this particular palette works but it's very average. I don't mind using more but I want to concentrate on other eyeshadows that I know I'll love and use more of. So, therefore, I'm parting ways with it. If you are on a budget and want to try this palette, it's an okay quality eyeshadow palette. There is nothing wrong with it. I was just not wowed by it and I have other better palettes that I want to concentrate more on.

NYX Gotcha Covered Concealer
I liked this concealer a lot when I first got it. It was small, easy to carry around and gives nice coverage and lasts for a substantial amount of time on my face. Then life happens and I became very busy with uni and stuff so I stopped wearing makeup to school because it saves time for me. I didn't use this concealer for around one month straight and when I decided to use back, it's not the same consistency anymore. It became very oil to even put on my face and it doesn't give me good coverage anymore. If you are thinking that I should give a good shake to use it which I did, it's just not the same anymore. I was so disappointed in it so I decided to declutter it.

Maybelline Baby Lips
I have had this lipstick for way too long. Although it smells okay and feels okay on my lips, I thought it became so unhygienic so I decided to part ways with this product. I liked the feeling and the colour of it on my lips so I might repurchase if I needed a lip balm with a hint of colour.

Mistine Strawberry Lipstick with SPF 15
This is the very first lipstick brand that I bought when I was a teen. It was around S$1 in Myanmar and I would wear this lipstick to everywhere. I still enjoy using this lipstick but this particular tube was so old. It's almost finished but you know how lipsticks go. Even the smallest tip van last you a month straight so I just decided to part ways with it. I have back ups of this so I'll be wearing whenever I do want a nostalgia lipstick colour.

Daiso Ellefar Eyebrow Pencil
I have been a eyebrow powder kind of gal for so long. Before I found out about eyebrow powders, I used pencils like this and I was really bad at drawing the brow. After using for a while, it always break and it's not very nice to use. I seemed to like it when I was young. Now, I just can't see myself using this eyebrow pencil to draw my brows and hence in this pile.

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