How I spent my end of trimester holidays

I just had an one week holiday after my trimester. This is how I spent my holidays. If you haven't read my "How I spent my mid-term holidays", I'll link it here so please go and check it out. After 2 months and here we go.

I didn't sleep on Sunday night because I was watching Owari no Seraph all night and I totally passed out on Monday for the whole day. I woke up like at 7pm, showered, eat a bit of snacks and then I fell asleep again. I woke up the next day feeling refreshed. It was the best sleep I've ever had. Almost a day of sleep and I don't regret it at all.

Well, you know it coming. It's quite difficult to blog everyday when you have all day of classes, assignments and exams screaming at you. So, the best way to do is write 2 to 3 posts whenever I have time. So, the content is not updated but I thought it's the best way to do when you are a full-time master degree student and projects are swarming around you. I also make use of the time to photograph a few posts and edit them and make them ready to go.

I'm really enjoying reading both manga and books these days. Finding book to read is difficult though. I make my time in the morning to read both manga and books, catch up on Instagram and a bit on Facebook. I don't tend to go on FB since I can't keep track of the time whenever I go on FB.

Watching series and anime
This is a perfect time to binge watch any series that you've been wanting to watch and that's exactly what I did. I watched Master Chef the latest season in one go and I'm so pumped to continue watching. I also watched Owari no Seraph (both of the seasons + Specials + OVAs) in one shot and I loved it.

You'll think that I do the same thing as my "how I spent my mid-term holidays", I do the same thing. I just love reading and watching series and anime whenever I have the time. I also do went out for walks, photography runs and dates with my boyfriend but mostly, you'll see me at my desk writing a blogpost or watching movie.

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